F1 Motorsports News | Lewis Hamilton among F1 Drivers Investing in Electric Motorsports as interest Grows


F1 Motorsports News

Electric F1 Motorsports are becoming more popular.

F1 Motorsports has vowed to be carbon neutral by 2030, and the sport is well on its way, with renewable fuel arriving for the 2026 season. With a focus on greater energy economy and less environmental effect, electric motorsports are on the increase, and a number of Formula One drivers have recently invested considerably in the sport.

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Seven-time champion Lewis Hamilton and Red Bull driver Sergio Perez are just two of the drivers whose popularity is growing.

Since Formula E’s popularity has grown, new electric sports such as Extreme E, an electric rallying series, and E1, an electric boat racing series, have been introduced.


Since its introduction in 2014, Formula E has witnessed significant popularity, particularly now that they have made minor tweaks to allow for better viewing. The rumored termination of the Fanboost system has been welcomed by fans. This method allowed spectators to vote for their favorite drivers, with the most popular drivers receiving a power increase, bringing popularity to the sport rather than a more authentic style of racing.

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Hamilton has established the X44 Extreme E team. Former F1 Motorsports drivers Nico Rosberg, whose team is Rosberg X Racing, and Jenson Button, whose team is JBXE, which he will also race for, will join Hamilton in the electric rally championship.

Perez is assisting E1 by forming a squad that will compete in the sport’s first year.

According to Tesla Reporter, while discussing the formation of their Extreme E teams, Hamilton and Rosberg both said that they wanted to promote the sport because of its reduced environmental effect and more sustainable format in the F1 Motorsports.