FISU World Cup Combat Sports | Now happening in Samsun, Turkey 2022

World Cup FISU

FISU World Cup Combat Sports

The Samsun 2022 FISU World Cup Combat Sports is now taking place in Turkey. This one-of-a-kind FISU tournament brought together elite university athletes from boxing, karate, muaythai, SAMBO, wrestling, and wushu. Over the years, each of these sports has been featured alone as FISU World University Championships, or in certain instances as part of previous FISU World Cup Combat Sports. Athletes competing in FISU University World Cups represent their universities rather than their nations, as they do in FISU World Championships and FISU Games.

FISU World Cup Combat Sports

Samsun at the FISU World Cup Combat Sports, a 700,000-person city on Turkey’s Black Sea coast, has invited 1,100 competitors (800 athletes and 300 officials) from over 300 colleges and 50 nations to participate from September 21 to September 30. On the first day, Wushu and SAMBO were highlighted sports, with Sumy State University of Ukraine taking home two gold medals, thanks to Yaryna Fedorchenko in the women’s SAMBO 50kg class and Oleksil Halaka in the men’s SAMBO +98kg class.

FISU World Cup Combat Sports

Ukrainian universities took 15 medals (four gold, five silver, and six bronze), while Turkish athletes made a very strong start to competition on home soil with 10 medals, lead by Manisa Celal Bayar University with one gold and one bronze at the FISU World Cup Combat Sports. Merve Topolu of Trakya University in Turkey won the country’s other gold medal in women’s 72kg SAMBO and talked about her background with the sport. “I like the SAMBO challenge.

I began SAMBO at the age of 13 with the help of my instructor at Trakya University in Turkey, Merve Topolu. “I like this event because it allows me to socialize with athletes from various countries,” she said.

On the first day, Turkmen State Institute of Physical Education and Sports topped all universities with four medals, including gold in 58kg men’s SAMBO from Muhammet Babekov for the FISU World Cup Combat Sports. “I’m having a great time competing and am thrilled to have won a gold medal.” “I’d also want to wish good luck to my twin brother Niyaz, who is participating in SAMBO tomorrow,” Babekov remarked.

Volunteers are also getting involved since they play an important role during the event. “I’m extremely delighted to be a part of theFISU World Cup Combat Sports as a volunteer since it was a beautiful coincidence for me to be placed within the Media Team, which I am highly interested,” said Noor Saleha Salem, a journalism student at Ondokuz Mays √úniversitesi. I’ve met many incredible athletes, [learned about] new sports, and begun to expand my network. I’m looking forward to more amazing FISU Combat Sports experiences in the coming days!”

On Thursday, September 22, the last day of SAMBO competition and the continuation of wushu will take place at the 2022 FISU World Cup Combat Sports. Muaythai will be the next of the six sports to begin with preliminary fights on Saturday, September 24, followed by boxing on September 25, wrestling on September 26, and karate on September 27 at the FISU World Cup Combat Sports.

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Sport-Based Education on FISU World Cup Combat Sports?

In addition to sporting activities, FISU hosts educational events and programs that provide students with chances for personal growth, networking, idea sharing, and collaborative learning. These events, such as the FISU World Cup Combat Sports Forum and the FISU World Conference, cover a broad range of topics and bring together a diverse collection of highly qualified individuals from a number of professions. FISU education is centered on assisting students and student-athletes in acquiring and developing leadership qualities in order to increase their level of involvement in society.