World Cup System | FISU will evaluate the performance the World Cup, with a return to the World Championships being contemplated 2022


World Cup System

World Cup System, acting President of the International University Sports Federation (FISU), Leonz Eder, has stated that the future of World Cup System events may alter, with the organization planning to assess the performance of the structure that concentrates on university participation rather than national teams.

Eder applauded the Turkish University Sports Federation (TUSF) for taking over the FISU World Cup Combat Sports in Samsun when Russia was withdrawn as host in May, especially while coordinating many sports at the same time at the World Cup System.

World Cup System

“It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for us, not just for FISU but also for the Organising Committee,” Eder remarked. “There are always difficulties when developing a fresh idea at the World Cup System.” Sambo, boxing, karate, wushu, muaythai, and wrestling are among the FISU World Cup Combat Sports.

Although this is the first edition, there is no assurance that such a format will stay in the organization’s plans, which are dependent on the success of the events. “We thoroughly examine the circumstances of the outcomes,” Eder continued on the World Cup System . “We see a lot of achievement, as well as a lot of colleges and nations represented.”

He recognized that faults with the format still persist, which resulted in the cancellation of the Floorball and Cheerleading, and that the Handball World Cup had “major challenges.”

Athletes play for their institution rather than their country in the World Cup System.

“It is possible that in certain sports we may revert to the model of Championships that was extremely successful in the past,” said the Acting President, who is presently filling in for Oleg Matytsin, one of the brains behind the World Cup system.

“We still have a number of Championships that are going well, and then we’ll see which sports would benefit from having national selections as Championships, and we may maintain certain.” “We must do thorough analysis and refrain from acting rashly of the World Cup System.” “We are here to assist our students and members, not to promote our own ideals.”

Eder cited the success of World Championships this year in cross-country running, orienteering, futsal, and sports climbing, as well as the fact that National Federations are less inclined to fund colleges than a national university team representing the country.

Although a supporter of the model of a combined World Championships of different sports – on a smaller scale to the World University Games at the World Cup System, running similarly to the European Championships held this year in Munich – he added that it was critical to provide all nations with the opportunity to host FISU events, as many do not have the resources to host multiple sports at the same time.

World Cup System

“They can definitely do it for one Championship and have support,” Eder noted. It may be difficult for the members to organize three, four, or five Championships at the same time. As a model, I appreciate it since participants from other sports can meet and cheer on each other at the World Cup System; but, if we have members who want to organize a Championship, we must also aid them.

The FISU World Cup Combat Sports is set to conclude on Friday (September 30).

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